Ombudsman Partnership

Ombudsman Services; Communication, Partnership.

As a participant of the Ombudsman Services, we are committed to proving you with the service you deserve. The Ombudsman Services works with companies offering one-to-one support or industry wide advice. By joining the Ombudsman Service it shows, at Liberty-i, that we take any customer complaints very seriously – and proves a mark of quality for our business. You can find our more about the Ombudsman Services – Communication by clicking here

When making a complaint with the Ombudsman Services: Communications they will assess your complaint and advise if they can assist and let you know the next steps. They are an independent party and will handle your complaint fairly and in line with their terms of service.

If you feel the service you have received is not to the standard you can review the complaints procedure here.

We very much hope that any complaint can be settled by contacting us directly – it is our duty to ensure we provide a level of care to all of our customers.

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