Ethernet over Fibre To The Cabinet – EoFTTC

This is a high speed, yet cost effective service with guaranteed bandwidth and symmetrical speeds of up to 20Mbps. Ideally suited to SME’s who want the benefit of higher speeds but may not want to budget for more expensive Lease Lines services.

EoFTTC uses the fibre connection to a local cabinet, and the copper wiring from there through to the users’ premises. It comes with its own dedicated telephone line.

Speed Without the Cost

Even though the service does utilise the local copper ethernet network, it has much higher bandwidth capabilities. The average guaranteed synchronous speeds are 15Mbps, but this is burstable to the full 80/20 profile. Meaning 76Mbps download and 20Mbps upload.

The big difference with EoFTTC is that the fibre between the exchange and the cabinet is not connected to the public equipment at either end. Each of those fibre optic cables that have been installed between the public exchange and your local telecoms cabinet contain lots of spare, unused, fibre cores. With the EoFTTC service, we utilise one of those spare cores to give a private connection between you and our network. This service is therefore cheaper to install than leased lines because the cables are already in place.

EoFTTC is a relatively new service to the UK market, so availability may be limited in some areas.

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