Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

Using only fibre optic cables all the way from your service provider to your premises, avoiding any of the old copper cables along the way, ensures a fast and very stable broadband connection.

Reliable High-Speed Internet

FTTP is by far the fastest, most reliable and secure broadband service.

The advantages include:

  • Superior Bandwidth. FTTP boasts the highest internet transfer speed among all internet service options – up to 1Gbps
  • Upload and Download speeds are equally fast
  • Streaming media is rendered without buffering or loss of quality
  • Cloud applications run smoothly
  • VoIP calls are crystal clear, regardless of distance
  • Highly resistant to electromagnetic interference from other cables and equipment
  • Not subject to signal loss due to cable resistance
  • Highly secure as there is no electro-magnetic signal leakage
  • Outstanding Durability. Fibre-optic cable is tougher and more durable

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