You are about to dig into your favourite pizza but realise the main ingredient is missing….would you still eat your pizza without the cheese?

We may be going off topic slightly but the principle is the same – pizza without cheese is like running your business without WiFi. Do you want your pizza to be returned and your customers
go elsewhere or do you want to provide the best pizza around?

‘By 2020, it is predicted that 24 Billion devices will be connected to the Internet. The vast majority will use some form of wireless for access’ – Gigaom*

That’s a lot of returned pizza!

Did you know a staggering 62% of businesses indicated that the customer spends more time and money (around 50% more money) in their shop, hotel or premises if WiFi access is provided?
Every business will undoubtedly have different reasons for offering WiFi to the customer, whether it’s for improved customer service, to attract more customers, to gather data for marketing
purposes or to get customers to spend more money. Businesses offering free WiFi to better serve their customers and increase sales appear to see high success rates.

A suitable WiFi solution to provide to your customers will depend on your business objective and the type of business you run.

B&B’s, guest houses, reception areas and retail premises should consider a ‘Hotspot in a box’ solution. It provides a fast and efficient connectivity, ideal for small spaces and individual rooms and the best bit, it can be installed in minutes! This WiFi solution allows you to create your own WiFi hotspot with all the benefits of a reliable wireless broadband access service.

If your business is looking to gather marketing data and provide a general WiFi service to your customers, Public Access WiFi will tick all the boxes for you – with fully customised log-on pages, secure connections and full network control. You benefit and the customer benefits, it’s a win/win solution.

Other WiFi solutions for the hospitality and leisure industry include IPTV and Guest Room Entertainment, this is a sure-fire way of keeping your customers happy – provide interactive
services, and on-screen promotions. A great way for your business to generate further income.

Finally, if you are in the business of organising live events/ ceremonies or festivals keeping your customers connected is vital these days. WiFi really should be your top priority, it’s all about the sharing.

So, why WiFi…..?

By providing a WiFi solution it ensures you are getting your slice of the market and you are meeting customer demands and expectations. Other benefits include:

  • Improved/increased footfall
  • Attracting new customers
  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Improve customer tracking

And, if not offering the right pizza is bad enough we note that 75% of people say 1 week without
Wi-Fi would leave them grumpier than 1 week without coffee.* – Iconic Displays
No-one wants that!