• Fast efficient connections
  • Installed in minutes
  • Ideal for small spaces and individual rooms
  • Keeps customers happy whilst they wait!

Why businesses should offer their customers a wifi hotspot

The benefits of providing a wifi hotspot far outweigh the reasons not to provide a wifi hotspot, especially if you are in the business of providing a public service. For example, you may run a cafe, bar, hotel, airport or library, all the places where people, nowadays, expect to be able to access the internet from their mobile device (which ever version of mobile they prefer, of course, smartphone, laptop, tablet) Offering a wifi solution has gone from a ‘nice to have’ to a critical investment to keep and attract new customers.

The setup process is simple and your customer is already a savvy device user so they know exactly how to get online and often expect to have to provide some personal details in return for internet access – providing you with vital marketing data for future promotions/campaigns. So really, the way you should be looking at a wifi solution is that it should be an essential part of any business package.

And just to ensure you really understand why, as a business, you should be offering a wifi hotspot:

  • 62% of businesses said that a customer spends more time in their facility or shop if there is free wifi*
  • 50% of customers spend more money
  • 1 in 10 people will leave if there is no wifi available
  • Collect indispensable data to market to in the future
    Understand your wider audience needs*

It is worth remembering this one key fact – if your customers are waiting on your premises for services or products to be delivered/communicated, it gives them something to do! It stops them being restless whilst they wait – it keeps them happy! Happy customers… isn’t that what any business wants?

Need we convince you further…..?

For those of you reading this wondering how this is appropriate to your business as you run a much larger organisation with hundreds of people requiring access to your wifi or for those of you who manage and run events or host reward ceremonies and the like – you too should not be missing out on the opportunity of providing free wifi access to ALL these people! The benefits are the same as the above but you just require a more powerful version to ensure you have the capacity to deal with the volume.

Our public access and events wifi include:

  • Secure connectivity
  • Full network control
  • Fully customisable log-on page

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