We all know how frustrating it can be when you are online and in the middle of sending a really important email or trying to get your systems backed up and all of a sudden you are on a ‘go slow’ or your connection drops out entirely.

This is not an uncommon challenge faced by any business.

IT and telecoms are an exceptionally complex industry, it is fast-paced, constantly changing and evolving to meet customer communication needs and requirements. For businesses it is essential to know what solutions will work for your business, this means making some very complex decisions about products that you may or may not be aware of – this is when working with an established and capable IT solutions partner is imperative to the success of your business.

We look at the most common pain points and solutions for businesses needing IT support:

Peak time users may see inconsistent speed times and ‘drop outs’ at crucial moments

More often than not when using broadband you are sharing access with other businesses and sometimes residential users in the area. This results in dips in connectivity at busy times throughout the day (everyone online at the same time) As a business, before looking at a broadband solution you should determine the contention ratio in your area. Once determined, to stop regular drop outs and inconsistent speeds the use of Ethernet is the best solution as it provides an unconfined connection to your business.

Remote offices struggling with reliable, fast connectivity

There are many reasons that rural areas struggle with fast connectivity – bundled telephone exchanges, long distances over copper-wire infrastructure (some businesses can be over several miles away from the exchange) to name a few. Businesses should be aware that the government set a plan in place in 2011 (Broadband Delivery Uk) to ensure superfast broadband (internet connection of 24Mbps or above) is available to 95% of the UK by 2017. The remaining 5% of the country will have a broadband speed of a minimum 2Mbps. Check the BDUK rollout.

Moving away from broadband but can’t afford Ethernet as a solution

There is a small price difference when it comes to choosing business broadband or Ethernet, but our particular Ethernet solution encompass fibre to the cabinet (FTTC), offering a business grade internet connection with competitive synchronous speeds of up to 20Mbps and 80Mbps burstable download. A truly viable, unrestricted alternative to lease line at a fraction of the cost. For fast and scalable synchronous Ethernet service with speeds from 10Mbps to 1Gbps, backed by a generous 5 hour SLA, our leased line products can be tailored to meet your business and customer requirements. An Ethernet solution is ideal for growing businesses using internet telephony and relying on the internet for on-site or cloud-based services, VoIP and IP PBX.

When there is an issue/fault – customers hate not being kept updated throughout

This is such a common issue in so many industries but with IT, it really is a case of simply keeping your customers updated so they have the best possible service from you and can manage their own expectations accordingly. We all rely on internet connectivity so much and when it isn’t available we tend to think the world has ended! A simple call and regular updates to clients will ensure you keep that relationship growing. At Liberty-i, we have a strict service level agreement (SLA) in place to make sure our customers are looked after.

So, the moral of the story….

As a business, it is critical for you to chose the right IT support company to work as your partner, to provide you with the best possible solutions for your online and offline communication systems. The Partner you choose to work with should spend time analysing, understanding and try to address your needs – either through the product itself or the tools and services they provide before, during and after customer engagement.

At Liberty-i we pride ourselves on our honest, reliable and flexible approach and work to strict SLA’s, giving our customers peace of mind. We have a range of solutions corporate, enterprise and home businesses, from superfast broadband to fibre to the cabinet ethernet solutions and much more all at very competitive prices. We ensure we walk you through the product that best suits your business requirements. Interested, give us a call or check out our IT support solutions.