When it comes to organising events, it certainly pays to ensure that your IT networks are fully functional throughout. For ITV, this was certainly true for their prestigious ITV Soap Awards. Taking place at the Hackney Empire, it was vital that they had a seamless network in place. Making sure that the event was fully set up with a network that would be entirely capable and have the bandwidth to handle all of the traffic, ITV asked liberty-i to handle their network effectively throughout the awards.

Making sure that the bandwidth met the client’s needs

Working closely with ITV, liberty-i knew that ITV would need an entire wireless network service that would enable them to access fast, reliable and equally important – secure connectivity.  With a deluge of huge TV stars hitting the red carpet, ITV knew that it was essential that the bandwidth capability would be sufficient and strong enough to cope with the ability for images to be quickly delivered to the national press.  Knowing that liberty-i had extensive experience in providing total IT networking and voice solutions globally, ITV felt confident to task liberty-i with the job – with superb results.

ITV confirms liberty-i sets the standard

Peter Gray, ITV Publicity Manager, comments, “liberty-i’s wireless network was amazing!  We contracted the team to handle our network during the ITV Soap Awards.  We had excellent bandwidth throughout the duration ensuring that photos were hitting the national newspaper within minutes of being short on the red carpet.  Furthermore, the personal services delivered by liberty-i’s technicians were outstanding – providing a faultless operation.  liberty-i has set the standard for all future ITV red carpet events!”

Got an event coming up?

If you’re a production company or you’ve got a live event coming up, don’t leave your network connectivity to chance. Make sure you choose an ISP that will ensure you have flawless streaming.  We’ll be more than happy to tailor a solution that’s just for you.  See what we can offer here, or give us a call us for a chat on 0808 2819 500.