How much do you know about your potential guests and their need for hospitality wifi?

  • 68% of phone users say they check their phone within 15 min of waking up
  • 87% always have their smartphone at their side, day, and night
  • 46% of people will not stay in a hotel that does not offer free wifi
  • WiFi is a guests top sought amenity

The above shows just a few reasons why the hospitality industry needs to step up to meet customer demand and keep up with the competition.

A weekend away, a holiday, yes! These are things we love to do, until we find out the hotel we are staying in does not have wifi connectivity and we have work to complete, or an important social update to share, or we can’t watch the next episode of the series that we have become addicted too. All of the above = unhappy customer!

Our lives are ever more dependant on the use of our mobile phones and as the stats above show it’s imperative that the hospitality industry responds to the needs of the customer, we are even happy to use our mobile phones over dinner…..according to Ofcom four in ten people (42%) admit to checking their phone at the dinner table!

Poor wifi is no exception these days, guests want to be able to have the choice to use their own devices for in-room entertainment or plug in to work with provided in-room entertainment. They want access to their Netflix / Apple accounts, their fitness trackers, their online music apps and they want to be able to access social media. You know that really important status they need to post ‘ Staying at this super smart hotel, with amazing WiFi! You definitely need to come and stay here’!

Don’t forget front of house flexibility for customers too – provide remote check-ins, make the check-in process quicker and easier by allowing guests to check in from a remote kiosk on your premises. You could also get them to check in using their mobile devices before they’ve even arrived. Think about getting them to use GPS to locate their rooms and other hotel sweet spots like the gym, restaurant, or swimming pool.

Don’t forget, there are benefits of hospitality WiFi for you too:

  • Helps to build your community
  • Hospitality wifi raises staff efficiency
  • Collect important data to understand your guests better and create a marketing advantage
  • Integrate the wider marketing mix
  • Track promotions performance

We work very closely with the hospitality industry and as a way to provide solutions to the needs of hoteliers and other hospitality organisations we have partnered with Beacon Purchasing – Beacon support around 2,000 businesses predominantly in the hospitality, leisure and healthcare sector. They act as an outsource procurement department for the following hospitality providers including:

  • Best Western hotels
  • Independent hotels
  • Hotels with conferencing & leisure facilities
  • Boutique hotels
  • Hotel groups
  • Hospitality caterers
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs and clubs

If you are looking for a hospitality wifi solution get in touch with us or Beacon today.