NRG Digital

New Internet and VoIP Solution and IT Support

The Scenario

Liberty-i were asked by an existing local customer to help them move their current Internet and VoIP solution to a new office, having outgrown their old premises.

Why it was a problem

There had only recently upgraded their internet service from an ADLS circuit to a FTTC 80/20 circuit. They needed to keep data and voice services online during the move, however the following issues were quickly identified as having possible detrimental impact on their business:

  • Loss of internet for a period
  • Loss of the VoIP Solution during the days of the move
  • Uncertainty when the new office will be ready
  • New Office was not registered on Openreach network
  • Unable to migrate the FTTC circuit to new premises

Inspection and Site Survey

After the initial conversation on the timescales and what was required, Liberty-i set about planning the logistics of how best to get an internet connection into a building that didn’t exist on the Openreach network. This was the first major problem; it meant that there was no way of obtaining connectivity in the building due to there being no registered end point at that address.

Installation of Solution

Liberty-i undertook the task to registered this address on the Openreach network. Once the end point was confirmed, Liberty-i continued with the proposed “Lift and Shift” which meant that the existing line and contract could just be carried over to the new address. This would take time as it meant a new copper line being installed for the migration of the FTTC and the moving date was getting ever closer.

As a back-up precaution, Liberty-i went to phase 2 of the installation which was to order a temporary DSL line for the office. This would allow Internet connection to the building on the day they moved in, albeit at a reduce rate until the FTTC became available.

On the day of the move:

Liberty-i routed and call-forwarded all VoIP traffic via their hosted VoIP servers, allowing NRG Digital to receive phone calls on their mobile devices. Thus mitigating any loss of calls they might have had.

Liberty-i also set up a bespoke Wi-Fi solution for them, hosted in the Liberty-i offices, which gave them the ability to continue business and upload and download content as required, whilst they waited on the new FTTC Internet connection to the office.

Liberty-i then decommissioned the managed VoIP solution in the old office.

System in new office

New data cables were run to provide LAN and VoIP via Power-over-Ethernet managed switches. The Voice and Data services were initially supplied over the temporary DSL circuit until the FTTC circuit was made live. Through this transitional stage, all heavy file transfer was performed via the bespoke Liberty-i wireless network. This helped alleviate any bandwidth pinch points that would have existed otherwise, due the nature of the size of data files that NRG deal with on a daily basis.

Once the FTTC circuit was live and handed over, all VoIP traffic was routed over the dedicated DSL service, leaving the FTTC for data only. With the knowledge that Liberty-i support is just over the road and only a phone call away, it has given them the network stability, allowing them to keep growing as a company.

“Dear Steve and Ian, Just a quick note to say a massive “Thank You” to you and the whole team at Liberty-i for the fantastic support you have been to us over the last few weeks.

I know it can’t have been easy dealing with our frustrations and frayed tempers for an issue that was solely down to OpenReach and essentially was out of your hands.

They say you only really get the know the calibre of a supplier when the chips are down – well, in that case Liberty-i are just amazing!

Thank you so much – it might not always have seemed it but we have appreciated all that you have done for us!”