The Scenario

When our incumbent phone solution provider told us he was “shutting up shop”, after supplying our service for a good many years, as a company which has all its major manufacturing in the EU, it was of the upmost importance that our replacement solution allowed for cost effective calls to be made to Italy, Ireland and Spain, as well as throughout the UK. We undertook at great length the task of finding a new supplier. One who could meet our demanding business ready phone solution that had evolved organically over a sustained period of years.

Why it was a problem

We were being channelled towards a replacement provider who had no concept of our operating requirements, or methods, and with absolutely no business benefits, or gains for our company. Luckily for us, at the 11th hour we were approached by Liberty-i. They took time to listen to our needs and future requirements. They promised that they could not only mirror our current solution, but by using them we would not have any requirement to buy any new and expensive hardware. This was the news we wanted to hear, as this forced supplier change was totally unexpected. We hadn’t budgeted for any significant telecoms outlay and our deadline for change was fast approaching. Everything had to be handed over by the 30th April 2018, which gave us less than 4 weeks.

Decision Process

Liberty-i worked quickly to get the relevant quotes over to us by the deadline we set and kept us informed with everything which was happening throughout the quotation process. Once we received the quotes, we then invited Liberty-i to come and have a chat, so we could discuss the finer details face to face. This was an essential part of the process and we were impressed by their passion, knowledge and overall project management acumen.


Liberty-i has now supplied us with a FTTC 80/20 broadband circuit to replace the one we already had, saving us enough monthly expenditure to include a 50Mb point-to-point lease line failover solution, direct from their own office. This has benefitted us greatly, as we now have dedicated bandwidth for our phones and dedicated bandwidth for uploading and downloading of data, all with built in resilience and redundancy.

Alongside this internet connectivity, Liberty-i has supplied a new hosted IP PBX solution, which far exceeds the features and usability of our previous hosted system. This in turn will enable us to work smarter and more efficiently.

The IP PBX solution that Liberty-i has provided also enables us to seriously consider upgrading our corporate building security policy. With the addition of video door entry system, it is an easy and cost-effective upgrade that will allow us to communicate and provide remote entry access, all over our existing IP infrastructure.

liberty-i provided

Inspection and Site Survey
Installation of Solution
System in new office