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Voice over IP – set your phone free

Liberty-i voice is a future proof solution, dispensing with expensive PBX based phone systems and traditional PSTN lines. Instead IP telephony is a flexible and scalable communications solution that can save your business money using Session Initation Protocol (SIP), and centralise your network for organisations with users around the country or world.


For either a Windows based, cloud based, or hosted IP PBX solution boasting all the latest features you would expect from an enterprise PBX solution. Integrates with the bestselling CRMs including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage ACT!, SugarCRM and Google Contacts.

Advanced 3CX Call Centre Features

  • Allow your customers to hang up and keep their position in the queue – they are automatically called back when it’s their turn
  • Monitor the status of queues by seeing how many callers are in the queue
  • Log staff in and out of queues
  • Review the time your staff logged in and out of queues
  • Easily see the number of answered and unanswered calls
  • Review the average and longest waiting time your customers we’re in a queue
  • Additional queue strategies: Round robin, longest waiting, least talk time, fewest answered, hunt by threes – random, hunt by threes – prioritised
  • Get instantly notified when callers have been in a queue beyond the set SLA time
  • Meet your customer service requirements by viewing all call events
  • Screen calls by listening in without your employee or customer knowing about it with the ‘Listen In’ feature
  • Relate important information to your employee while they’re in a call with a customer with the ‘Listen In & Whisper’ feature
  • Assist both your employee and customer by joining a call with the ‘Barge In’ feature




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