ZONE = Hospitality Solutions

Guest WiFi, Digital Signage, Secure Wireless Networks

WORLD = Internet Access

Highspeed, Business Broadband, Internet Connectivity

VOICE = Voice over IP



eCommerce at the click of a finger


Remote access ~ on-site rapid response ~ 24/7 peace of mind


Liberty-i is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and network operator, offering total IT networking and voice solutions to hotels, conferences, hospitality venues, retailers and small to large businesses worldwide.

With Liberty-i’s services encompassing zone, world, voice, store and support; we ensure businesses have fast, reliable and secure connectivity that’s affordable in today’s market.

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“Liberty-i initially provided us with a copper EFM service back in 2012. With our recent increase in Staff and Service offerings, we realised that we needed to increase our bandwidth. Liberty-i suggested we move to a fibre service, meaning that we could future-proof our service with the ability to increase bandwidth as we grow, on demand. The switchover was seamless and our new fibre service has increased our productivity whilst providing the flexibility to utilise increasingly popular web and cloud services.“Shane Stevens, Qolcom Operations Director
“Liberty-i’s wireless network service was amazing! We contracted the team to handle our network during the ITV Soap Awards. We had excellent bandwidth throughout the duration, ensuring that photos were hitting the national newspaper within minutes of being shot on the red carpet. Furthermore, the personal service delivered by Liberty-i’s technicians was outstanding – providing a faultless operation. Liberty-i has set the standard for all future ITV red carpet events!”Peter Gray, ITV Publicity Manager
“Thank you to the Liberty-i team! In particular for carrying out an uninterrupted and prompt Wi-Fi infrastructure upgrade to our fibre network. We have already received several positive comments about our user friendly log-in page with optimisation as standard for all devices, which has resulted in a superior user experience.”Rashmin Vachheta|, Tallow House Hotel IT Manager

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